Biography LeNa

LeNa’s musical history is a story about love at first sound. Like so many of us, she got introduced to the amazing world of dance music by a friend. At the age of 13, she spent most of her free time listening to the sounds from the Belgian N.E.W.S. Records. A label that brought her in touch with artists like Green Velvet, Ken Ishii, Speedy J, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, Underworld and many many more... As soon as she was old enough to lie about her age, you could find her on the dancefloors of notorious Belgian nightlife classics like 10 Days Of Techno, Kozzmozz, I Love Techno (the good years ;)) and Fuse. Roaming across nightly Belgium, she fell more and more in love with every fresh first sound she heard. A love she wanted to pass along in her own neighborhood. LeNa and her boyfriend, Antony Nardella, started promoting their own parties WhaM! Bringing some of the best house and techno DJ’s to their own backyard.

LeNa has so much love to give that real soon Belgian weekends weren’t long enough. In 2008, she moved to Ibiza and worked at Privilege for 5 years. Living life to the fullest on the island of pirates, she was to be found at Circoloco, Cocoon, Monza, Carl Cox’s Revolution, The Zoo Project, Underground and so on... LeNa danced to the sound of so many DJ’s in all those years. And LeNa dances... Oh she dances like she mixes: with a lot (really, A lot!) of energy. Something you immediately understand when you know that Marco Bailey, Mathias Kaden and Nina Kraviz are amongst her favorite artists. It was when watching them play and the energy they put into their sets, that she realized that this was how she wanted to spread some more love at first sound.


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